This game was originally made for the 1 Hour Game Jam 173.  You can play that version here.

You are the hand of Zeus.  While Zeus has been off seducing the ladies, he has sent you to go collect lightning bolts for him. Dodge bombs, collect lightning bolts, and collect batteries for more energy to collect more lightning bolts.  Your score is dependent on how many you can collect!

This version is in progress to be a mobile port.  It has many features over the 1hgj version, but unfortunately, it has a lot of work to go before I consider a real release on mobile.


  •  Voice-over report of your progress, featuring my brother on vocals!
  • Better graphics!  (But not all graphics replaced.  And not all are better.)
  • More awesome music!
  • Collectable bonus letters!

Progress needed:

  • The graphics have not yet won any awards; most should be replaced.
  • All the plans for what happens when you collect those bonus letters have not yet been implemented. Currently you get a 2x score multiplier when you collect them all.
  • I should make the start of the game much easier.  I see people who haven't played it yet struggle to get started.
  • The buttons are decreed "ugly" by my wife and must be changed.

How to play:

Move the mouse (or if on mobile, swipe the screen) to yourself (ie, the hand on the screen) left or right.  Collect lightning bolts for score.  The green bar at the bottom is a timer of how much time you have to collect bolts; collect batteries to refill the bar.  When you collect a battery, your score multiplier will increase. Also, when you collect a battery, the objects drop faster.

If you would like to test beta test the mobile version, please email!  A sekrit code for you to install in your mobile device will be sent to you.


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